Function of Financial System

Function of Financial System

As we know, financial system is very important for the economic and all round development of any country, its major functions can be explained as following:

1. Promotion of Liquidity:

The major function of the financial system is the provision of money and monetary assets for the production of goods and services. There should not be any shortage of money for productive ventures. In financial language, the money and monetary assets are referred to as liquidity. In other words, the liquidity refers to cash or money and other assets which can be converted into cash readily without loss. Hence, all activities in a financial system are related to liquidity – either provision of liquidity or trading in liquidity.

2. Mobilization of Savings:

Another important activity of the financial system is to mobilize savings and channelise them into productive activities. The financial system should offer appropriate incentives to attract savings and make them available for more productive ventures. Thus, the financial system facilitates the transformation of savings into investment and consumption. The financial intermediaries have to play a dominant role in this activity.


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