Mechanism of Factoring

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Mechanism of Factoring

Factoring business is generated by credit sales in the normal course business. The main function of factor is realisation of sales. Once the transaction takes place, the role of factor step in to realise the sales/collect receivables. Thus, factor act as a intermediary between the seller and till and sometimes along with the seller’s bank together. The mechanism of factoring is summed up as below:
1. An agreement is entered into between the selling firm and the firm. The agreement provides the basis and the scope understanding reached between the two for rendering factor service.
2. The sales documents should contain the instructions to make payment directly to the factor who is assigned the job of collection of receivables.
3. When the payment is received by the factor, the account of the firm is credited by the factor after deducting its fees, charges, interest etc. as agreed.
4. The factor may provide advance finance to the selling firm conditions of the agreement so require.


The Buyers

1. The buyer enters into an agreement with the seller and negotiates the terms and conditions for the purchase of goods on credit.
2. He takes the delivery of goods along with the invoice bill and instructions from the seller to make payment to the factor on due date.
3. Buyer will make the payment to the factor in time or ask for extension of time. In case of default in payment on due date, he faces legal action at the hands of factor.

The Sellers

1. The seller enters into contract for the sale of goods on credit as per the purchase order sent by the buyer stating various terms and conditions.
2. Sells goods to the buyer as per the contract.
3. Sends copies of invoice, delivery challan along with the goods to the buyer and gives instructions to the buyer to make payment on due date.
4. The seller sells the receivables received from the buyer to a factor and receives 80% or more payment in advance.
5. The seller receives the balance payment from the factor after paying the service


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