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Venture Capital has emerged as a new financial method of financing during the 20th century. Venture capital is the capital provided by firms of professionals who invest alongside management in young, rapidly growing or changing companies that have the potential for high growth. Venture capital is a form of equity financing especially designed for funding high risk and high reward projects.
There is a common perception that venture capital is a means of financing high technology projects. However, venture capital is investment of long term finance made in:
Ventures promoted by technically or professionally qualified but unproven entrepreneurs, or
Ventures seeking to harness commercially unproven technology, or
High risk ventures.
The term ‘venture capital’ represents financial investment in a highly risky project with the objective of earning a high rate of return. While the concept of venture capital is very old the recent liberalisation policy of the government appears to have given a fillip to the venture capital movement in India. In the real sense, venture capital financing is one of the most recent entrants in the Indian capital market. There is a significant scope for venture capital companies in our country because of increasing emergence of technocrat entrepreneurs who lack capital to be risked. These venture capital companies provide the necessary risk capital to the entrepreneurs so as to meet the promoters’ contribution as required by the financial institutions. In addition to providing capital, these VCFs (venture capital firms) take an active interest in guiding the assisted firms.
A young, high tech company that is in the early stage of financing and is not yet ready to make a public offer of securities may seek venture capital. Such a high risk capital is provided by venture capital funds in the form of long-term equity finance with the hope of earning a high rate of return primarily in the form of capital gain. In fact, the venture capitalist acts as a partner with the entrepreneur.
Thus, a venture capitalist (VC) may provide the seed capital for unproven ideas, products, technology oriented or start up firms. The venture capitalists may also invest in a firm that is unable to raise finance through the conventional means.


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