Responsibility for Job Evaluation

Responsibility for Job Evaluation

The installation and operation of job evaluation involve certain responsibilities. Several possibilities for implementing the process are apparent.
One or more committees may be selected, a department may be set up or an existing one assigned, or a consulting organisation may be brought in. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive.Image result for Job Evaluation Responsibility
Support for the program is essential because installation of it involves commitments of time, effort, and money. Such support is usually obtained by securing top management approval and the collaboration of other managers and organisation members. Often this approval is obtained through a committee set up for this purpose.

Hence, let us study below the various bodies involved with the Job Evaluation Responsibility

1.The Committee Approach

This committee is given an explanation of job evaluation, the purposes it is expected to accomplish, a rough time schedule, and perhaps an estimate of the cost of the program. The committee makes the decision to install job evaluation, decides on the scope of the project, and assigns responsibility for the work.


Consultants are sometimes employed to install job evaluation plans. Successful consultants are careful to ensure that organization members are deeply involved in installing the plan and are able to operate the plan on their own.
Consultants are most likely to be employed in small organisations where no member has the necessary expertise. They are also more likely to be employed when a complex rather than a simple plan is to be installed. Consultants often have their own ready-made plans.

3.Compensation Department Involvement

It is quite possible for the organisation to assign installation and operation of a job evaluation plan to the compensation department. Sometimes the compensation professional heading the unit and a number of job analysts carry out the task.
Those who favour this last approach emphasise the technical nature of the task. They may also be reacting to the difficulty of getting operating managers to devote the time that the program requires.