Concept of IFS

IFS Concept

Industrial and Financial Systems, also known as IFS, is a software development company that provides businesses with solutions to several diverse business matters, including ERP issues.
IFS application is a suite of modular, flexible and fully integrated business management (ERP) solution that enables companies to better use and share information – between departments, between sites, between divisions and even between countries
The Business Solutions are:Image result for IFS Concept in ERP images
IFS Manufacturing IFS Distribution IFS Financials
IFS Maintenance
IFS Human Resources IFS Engineering
IFS application supports mixed-mode manufacturing at multiple sites, with multiple currencies and languages. It is year 2000 compliant and available on UNIX, Open VMS and Windows NT platforms.
The IFS Business Model leverages the combination of our Component Technology, Global Project Delivery Organization, and full Lifecycle Support to provide Customer-unique ERP Applications.
IFS Applications is a fully integrated solution for enterprises and has over 60 different components. IFS Applications offers international support by default.
Some benefits of IFS Applications:
Over 60 individual purchasable business components One global release
Online-documentation Web-based Portal
Scalable – from one to thousands of users
Collaboration-portal for users, customers and subcontractors 20 languages supported
Used in over 60 countries
IFS Applications gives you full support of the Project Life Cycle. The key is total visibility and control throughout all operations and the entire organization. IFS Application is tailored to manage your future – not just viewing the past.
IFS Applications supports:
Project Planning and Resource Management Sales and Sub-contract Management
Budgeting and Forecasting Risk Management
Change Management
Maintenance Management Document Management Financials
Procurement Inventory
Personnel Management
IFS Applications is also:
Flexible – grows with your company A standard software
Works worldwide