Business and organizational ethics

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Business and organizational ethics

Business And Organizational Ethics

The subject matter of Business And Organizational ethics is an attempt to answer these three questions. There are four different ‗answers‘, or perspectives, that are given in modern western capitalist societies.
Organization: any configuration of people and other resources that has been created to coordinate a series of work activities, with a view to achieving stated outcomes, of objectives.
Four broad theories of the firm, and the assumptions and implications of these perspectives for prioritizing the various stakeholders‘ needs and for the exercise of moral agency1:
-The classical-liberal-economic approach
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-The corporatist approach (rijnlands: particular german approach to a market-based, capitalist oriented economy)
-The pluralist perspective -The critical perspective
Within these four categories different assumptions are made about the relationship between -Organizations and the state
-Organizations and their employees
-Organizations and their various stakeholder groups (beyond the employee group)