Creating business Value

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Creating business Value

Creating Business Value

Creating Business Value is Core role of any board is guiding corporate strategy and creating wealth for shareholders. Many new business opportunities are emerging to address corporate citizenship priorities. Forward-thinking businesses are best placed to benefit. Immediate benefits cited by leading companies include improved reputation, higher employee retention rates, greater productivity, and cost benefits through operational improvements and innovation in products and services. The most effective corporate citizenship and sustainability strategies are led from the top, incorporate a wide range of stakeholder views and are aligned with the company‘s business priorities. This ensures a more efficient and strategic allocation of resources to these initiatives, which may generate new business opportunities: Improved labor practices in supplier operations can translate into improved productivity and reduced reputational risks. Better working conditions improve the efficiency of the supply chain.Human rights strategies, such as preventing discrimination in the workplace and promoting gender and ethnic equality in business processes, have been shown to secure diversity and increase innovation in products and services. A diverse workforce and wider customer base guide development within new markets and previously untapped customer demographics. Environmental programs can provide financial benefits, such as reducing operating costs, leading to new markets and technologies, improving employee morale and increasing employee health.Good management of environmental, social and governance performance has been shown to strengthen reputation and brand value, important business assets.

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