Categorization and particularization and the eight stances

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Categorization and particularization and the eight stances

Eight stances Categorization in Ethics

The results from Downsizing suggest that some people pigeon-hole an issue under one category, and do not change their minds; other people change their views as the issue unfolds. This phenomenon can be explained by using the concepts of Eight Stance categorization and particularization in Ethics.
Eight stances Categorization
•Categorization: is the process of placing an object within a general category of schema. Psychologists have claimed it is the fundamental process of thinking. It allow us to structure and give coherence to our general knowledge about people and the social world, providing expectations. It can lead to bureaucratic and prejudiced forms of thinking.
•Particularization: is the process of recognizing the specific and unique features of a situation, which mean that it cannot be categorized.
Particularization and categorization need to be operated in combination because particularization is the trigger for challenges to habitual categorization.