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Imagine bringing a group of experts together in a room with a large blackboard. The experts work together to solve a problem, using the blackboard as their work space. Initial data are written on the blackboard for all to see. Each expert has equal chance to contribute to the solution via the blackboard. The process of black boarding continues until the problem has been solved.
One important assumption of a blackboard system is that all participants are experts, but they have acquired their own expertise in situations different from those of the other experts in the group. Because each experts experience is unique, no one need feel either inferior or superior in offering a possible solution. The essence of this technique is the independence of expertise in an atmosphere that discourages compliance or intimidation.
The features are listed as follows:
 Participants share a common language for interaction
 Flexible representation of information
 Efficient storage and location of information
 Organized participation
 Iterative approach to problem solving