Relationships between technology and knowledge worker

Knowledge Management

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Definition of Knowledge Management

IT plays a pivotal role in the learning organisation. IT supports and speeds up many functions of a knowledge worker effectively and efficiently.
 The primary activities of knowledge work:
 Assessment
 Decision Making
 Monitoring
 Scheduling
 A knowledge worker can act as a manager, a supervisor, or a clerk who is actively engaged in thinking, information processing, analyzing, creating, or recommending procedures based on experience and cumulative knowledge.
 IT plays a key role in the learning organization in the following processes:
 Knowledge capture
 Information distribution
 Information interpretation
 There exists a multitude of equipment and software supporting knowledge worker’s tasks. They include:
 E-mail
 Intelligent Workstations
 Intelligent workstations automate repetitive and tedious tasks. They should perform the following functions:
 Administrative support functions
 Personal computing functions
 Managing intelligent databases