Technique of capturing tacit knowledge

Knowledge Management

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Technique of capturing tacit knowledge

It is essential for the knowledge developers to build good rapport with the experts. The following are the essential ingredients for a knowledge developer:
Creating the right impression: The knowledge developer must learn to use psychology, common sense, and technical as well as marketing skills to attract the expert’s respect and attention.
 Understanding of the expert’s style of expression.
 Preparation for the session:
 Before making the first appointment, the knowledge developer must acquire some knowledge about the problem and the expert.
 Initial sessions can be most challenging/critical.
 The knowledge developer must build the trust.
 The knowledge developer must be familiar with project terminology d he/she must review the existing documents.
 The knowledge developer should be able to make a quick rapport with the expert.
 Deciding the location for the session:
 Protocol calls for the expert to decide the location.
 The expert is usually more comfortable in having his/her necessary tools and information available close to him/ her.
 The meeting place should be quiet and free of interruptions.
 Approaching multiple experts:
 Individual approach: The knowledge developer holds sessions with one expert at a time.
 Approach using primary and secondary experts:
 The knowledge developer hold sessions with the senior expert early in the knowledge capture program for the clarification of the plan.
 For a detailed probing, he/she may ask for other experts’ knowledge.
 Small groups approach:
 Experts gather together in one place, discuss the problem domain, and usually provide a pool of information.
 Experts’ responses are monitored, and the functionality of each expert is tested against the expertise of the others.
 This approach requires experience in assessing tapped knowledge, as well as cognition skills.
 The knowledge developer must deal with the issue of power and its effect on expert’s opinion.