Notice by Occupier

Notice by Occupier

This section imposes an obligation on the occupier of a factory to send a written notice, containing prescribed particulars, to the chief inspector at least 15 days before an occupier begins to occupy or use premises as a factory and at least 30 days before the date of resumption of work in case of seasonal factories,  i.e. factories working for less than 180 days in a year.

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A notice must contain following particulars:
1. The name and situation of the factory.
2. The name and address of the occupier.
3. The name and address of the owner of the premises or building (including the precincts, etc., thereof) referred to in section 93.
4. The address at which communication relating to the factory should be sent.
5. The nature of manufacturing process to be carried on in the factory during next 12 months.
6. The total rated horsepower installed or to be installed in the factory which shall not include the rated horsepower of any separate standby plant.
7. The name of the manager of the factory for the purpose of this Act.
8. The number of workers likely to be employed in the factory.
9. Such other particulars as may be prescribed.

Notice Where New Manager is Appointed

Whenever a new manager is appointed, the occupier shall send to the inspector a written notice and to the chief inspector a copy thereof, within seven days from the date on which such person takes over charge.
When there is no Manager-occupier Deemed as Manager
During a period for which no person has been designated as manager of a factory or during which the person designated does not manager the factory any person found acting as manger, will be the manager for the purpose of the Act. Where no such person is found the occupied should be deemed to be the manger of the factory.