The Anatomy of a High Potential

Potential Management

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The Anatomy of a High Potential

Let‘s begin with our definition of a high-potential employee. Your company may have a different definition or might not even officially distinguish high potentials from other employees.However, our research has shown that companies tend to think of the top 3% to 5% of their talent in these terms:Anatomy
―High potentials consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances. While achieving these superior levels of performance, they exhibit behaviours that reflect their companies‘ culture and values in an exemplary manner. Moreover, they show a strong capacity to grow and succeed throughout their careers within an organization—more quickly and effectively than their peer groups do.

Anatomy of a High Potential

High potentials always deliver strong results, master new types of expertise, and recognise that behaviour counts. But it‘s their intangible X factors that truly distinguish them from the pack.