Defining a high-potential

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Defining a high-potential

Let‘s first talk about in plain, simple terms what it means to be a high-potential, or HiPo. Generally speaking, high-potential are employees who can develop into leaders, rather than those who just do the job. Research by the Harvard Business Review shows high potentials represent the top 3 to 5% percent of a company‘s talent.Image result for Defining a high-potential
High potential employees are generally considered highly intelligent, talented, ambitious, and extremely motivated. They represent the company‘s values and continue to produce work that is above and beyond what is required.
When it comes to grooming new managers and leaders, you need to identify the right employees as high potentials because obviously, not everyone is qualified to be a leader. Once these high-potential are identified, the company must ensure it is providing these workers with the resources to grow and evolve within the company.
However, it seems most companies are failing to do so.