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Engaging Top Talent

Let’s Consider some of the factors that cause Engaging Top Talent  to stay are:Image result for Engaging Top Talent
Pride in their Work: The thing with intelligent people is that they need challenging assignments to keep them motivated and their contribution needs to be harnessed well with due credit and visibility. Once these basics are met, the managers can rest assured that their A-team is engaged.
Career Advancement: Managing high potentials‘ career track well is an investment rewarded with increased productivity and commitment to the organisation. Their world needs to keep getting bigger and bigger to ensure they aren‘t stifled by the lack of adequate challenges.
Visible Differentiation: As soon as one is aware of the fact that their contribution to the table is out-sizing the others, they are quick to expect more returns as well. Particularly, in the case of top talent, this could make or break their engagement levels.
Understanding the Big Picture and Role of HIPOs: Organisations need to ensure their high potential employees are aware of the long-term plans and how they are helping in an achievement of those plans. Strategic narratives help simplify complex projects and get the buy-in of top notch players in the organisation.
Fair Compensation: Organisations need to have a handle on what the market offers to the peers of their HIPOs and ensure they do not lose out in the field of compensation. All things remaining equal, human psychology does associate salaries with calibre. Further, there are various studies to prove that the productivity of one high performer does much more for the bottom line than a few average performers put together.