Importance of the potential analysis

Potential Management

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Importance of the potential analysis

Potential Analysis ImportanceImage result for Potential Analysis Importance

The Potential Analysis in Human resources is pioneering as a part of a goal- and future-oriented talent management. Talent Management characterises the acquisition, development and long-term retention of qualified employees. Due to the future demographic change, the ―war for talents‖, which is searching and retaining future talents/executives will be intensified.
Furthermore, employers have to offer certain attractivity. Nowadays transparent career paths and conveying processes are more important than solely high wages. Talents or ―High potentials‖ need to have a professional perspective, otherwise, they will leave the company they are working for or even the country. Every year a high number of well-educated persons leave their home country. This knowledge-migration needs to be avoided and thus the potential analysis becomes even more important. Talents need to be acquired, their skills must be developed and in the end talents should be retained in companies.