Objectives of potential analysis

Potential Management

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Objectives of potential analysis

Potential Analysis Objectives

The Potential Analysis Objectives are mainly based on the pImage result for Potential Analysis Objectivesunctual identification, development and retention of talents or future high potentials. Potential analysis´ are used to identify talents, who cannot be identified by school or college grades but for example in terms of social competence, flexibility or emotional behavior. Using potential analysis, companies intend to achieve the optimal fit of individual – job and organization. This means, an employee has to fit his job and purpose, and the company and its corporate culture. Concerning costs, miscasts should furthermore be avoided. For professionals, costs due to miscast amount to 50% of the annual salary plus wage labor costs whereas for executives costs are a total of 75%-100% of the annual salary plus wage labor costs. In addition, the company‘s future competitiveness and efficiency should be improved as well as the attractivity as employer in the mentioned ―war for