Quality features of potential analysis

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Quality features of potential analysis

Quality features of potential analysisQuality features

In the preceding part quality criteria of potential analysis´ were described. In the following features which have to be fulfilled to ensure a qualitative and professional implementation of potential analysis´ in Human Resources are pronounced. First of all Human Resource managers should combine various methods to identify more specific characteristics and skills of a candidate. To achieve the already mentioned optimal fit of individual – job and organisation, an orientation of the candidates target profile and the competencies are needed for a job. Therefore it is significant that a precise definition of the examined competencies is given. A qualitatively good potential analysis is based on a solid preparation, requiring a certain period of time. Potential analyses of single candidates require one day whereas the analysis of a group needs up to three days. According to the mentioned time and preparation aspect, it becomes obvious that both the Human resources and the candidates need to be prepared and introduced to the topic of potential analysis. Furthermore it is important that candidates have the possibility to get feedback and an explanation where their strengths and weaknesses are situated.