Retaining High Potential Employees

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Retaining High Potential Employees

Retention of talent, according to a Towers Watson study, is the second more troublesome area for employers in India, after talent sourcing. If we try to correlate the market conditions of 2012 with the challenges employers are facing, it is a mixed bag. On one hand, the employees are holding on to their jobs since the ‗external market‘ isn‘t too friendly, whereas the exodus of key talent continues to beleaguer the employers in India. This brings us to the key question – Why do high performers leave? What are the triggers that drive them to look out for better options? In the absence of transparent measurement systems, it is difficult to have clear answers to such questions. One of the consequences of this issue is the shift of limelight from exit interviews to stay interviews. Stay interviews provide constructive information that can be utilized to pre-empt and prevent future attrition of high performers (HIPOs). Another interesting feature of HIPO churn is that the reasons that make them stay are not always the attraction in the job offer for which they leave.