Taking our best for granted

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Taking our best for granted

After all, we spent a meaningful amount of time and energy defining the roles these individuals would fill, interviewing them, training them, and providing on-the-job feedback; seemingly so that they would stay with our organization and succeed. It reminds me of all the companies out there vying for our personal business, only to finally grab our attention, sign us up, and then promptly take us for granted. You know who you are.
Getting back to the ―Why,‖ talent development is often not deemed a priority, or is grossly underfunded. Do you think some companies, or managers within those companies, simply regard training and development as distractions from work and barriers to productivity? Perhaps, they view employees only as resources to complete today‘s assignments? Another cog in the wheel – easily replaced should one break down.
Take a few seconds to think of a skilled employee at your company, and contemplate the difficulty of having to replace that employee. How long would it take to train a replacement? Does the thought scare you a bit? It should. It scares me.