6 Steps To Stress Avoidance

6 Steps To Stress Avoidance

Anything taken too much is bad for the health, and t he long term effects of stress are well documented, which is why it is such an important area . As with everything in life prevention is always better than cure so I have provided 6 steps to help you avoid becoming stressful .

Common Mistakes and Myths of Time Management

Everyone makes time management mistakes . In fact, much of the process of creating systems that work for you is a trial and error process . However, if you can avoid some common mistakes you‘ll be able to streamline your processes and elimina te much of the trial and error. You‘ll be able to focus on the tasks of building and growing your business and spending your day doing what you love .

 Not Creating A Schedule That Works For YOU

Make sure, when you create your schedule you take the following into consideration:
•When are you most productive? For example, are you better able to focus first thing in the morning? In the evening after the sun has gone down? Mid – day? When is your best time to work? This is the time to schedule the high priorit y or profit producing tasks.
•What is your famil y/personal schedule? Parents,spouses,children and outside commitments all play into your productivit y and your schedule. For example, if you volunteer at your child‘s school every Friday then it‘s probabl y a good idea to keep Friday clear and to focus on your business the other days of the week.
•How much do you want to work each day or week? You‘re not required to work every da y from 9 -5 . In fact, if you want to work two days a week or six it‘s all up to you. However, when you‘re planning your business, keep your needs in mind.

Not Recognizing Time Suckers

Time suckers are those habits and tasks that take way more time than you think they do. They consume your day and before you know it, it‘s time to pick up your kids from school or make dinner.So ….what is keeping you from be ing productive?

Forgetting about Balance

It‘s almost guaranteed that if you neglect t o plan for and schedule time away from your business, you‘re going to suffer from burnout . We‘ve already discussed burn out a bit . It affects your joy, your abilit y to focus and stay productive and it affects your bottom line . A balanced life is important to the success of your business. Now, like creating time management systems there is no one size fits all approach to balance .