Applied with Experience

Applied with Experience

The Eisenhower method is used by the US President Dwight D. Eisenhower during his governance and shows the way on how he performed his tasks as he handled great responsibilities.
There is a quote by him that is very relevant to his personal time management strategies:

Urgent and Important – 1st Priority

These are the most important ones and you have to quickly take action on them. These are unexpected situations and you usually won‘t have any time to plan for it.
Putting out the fire of something burning
Taking someone to the hospital for emergency reasons
Answering the phone call from your boss

Not Urgent but Important – 2nd Priority

These tasks are not immediate but they are significant in your life. You‘ll usually have the time to plan for them and work things out in careful procedure.
Preparing for the business seminar
Planning for the wedding ceremony and activities
Working on class projects

Urgent but Not Important – 3rd Priority

These are things and events that can happen instantly and may need your immediate attention and action but you can ignore them for later or delegate them to someone who can do it.
Answering phone offers
Interruptions from co-workers with their random conversations
Doing the lawn and managing the garden

Not Urgent and Not Important – 4th Priority

The last of the four priorities in the Eisenhower method is the least important and can be “done away.”
These are usually “timewasters” that can take your energies away from accomplishing something productive.
Watching TV and playing video games
Social media and texting except for business reasons
Gossiping, “chit chats” or casual conversations