Be realistic in deciding on a time management system for day to day use. Be disciplines about it and select the time management system which is least complicated and quite accessible to use.

Basic time management system pen and paper

The paper journal page, though old fashioned, has not become obsolete. It is unsurpassed in its portability and accessibility. A daily planner is always energetic. It will never fail or be out of wireless range. You will never suffer a disk or memory error. The disadvantage of day planer is that does not synchronize automatically with your calendar on your p.c. If you don‘t use a pc to plan your schedule, you lose your day planner and don‘t have to backup. Many of us prefer a time management system, portable and synchronous with the calendar soft ware on our pc.

Time management system device: personal digital assistant:

While using a palm or Black berry, people choose mostly a personal digital assistant to keep track of their time. If you don‘t forget to use your docking station you can use it for years together without running out of battery power and your schedule will be automatically synchronized to your pc schedule.
Which of the following time management “types” are you? While intended as fun, this time management exercise may provide you with some clues for more effective time management.
The Fireman – For you, every event is a crisis. You’re so busy putting out fires that you have no time to deal with anything else – especially the boring, mundane things such as time management. Tasks pile up around you while you rush from fire to fire all day.

Typically seen – Running to car.

The Over-Committer – Your problem is you can’t say ‘No’. All anyone has to do is ask, and you’ll chair another committee, take on another project, or organize yet another community event. You’re so busy you don’t even have time to write down all the things you do!

Typically seen – Hiding in rest room.

The Aquarian – There is such as thing as being too “laid-back” – especially when it starts interfering with your ability to finish tasks or bother to return phone calls. Getting to things when you get to them isn’t time management; it’s simple task avoidance.