Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Control Labour Costs

Labour costs account for a significant percentage of every organization’s budget. And TMS Attendance can handle the challenges such as payroll errors, accidental over-payments, and buddy punching by hourly personnel. Factor in the loss of productivity due to unnecessary manual processes, human error, and scheduling conflicts and it becomes increasingly difficult to control your labor costs – costs that can be controlled by TMS Attendance.

Pay them Correctly and Efficiently!

At TMS, our comprehensive and flexible time systems are all designed to simplify the complexities of payroll. Our client focused, highly customizable, time solutions help streamline workflows, ensure accuracies, and maximize efficiencies. We are committed to providing you the tools to take control of your payroll, allowing you to get back to business.

TMS Complete Solutions

Will provide streamlined, automated tools that help you track time and attendance, reduce manual administrative tasks, guarantee payroll accuracy and provide the type of support you’ve come to expect from TMS. We’ll help you reduce costly errors, increase productivity, and control labor costs – human capital management doesn’t have to be so hard.