Importance of Time Management

Importance of Time Management

1. You produce more results

Since you are more efficient and focus more of your time on important tasks you get more done during the day which makes you a valuable commodit y. You elevate you to one of the most valuable people to potential employers.

2. You get more time off

When you prod uce more at work you won‘t have to work late as often, or at least not as late, which gives you the chance to come home to your famil y and spend time with them, you also get the chance to work out and clean the house which decreases your stress and thereby your efficiency even more creating a positive spiral .

3. You become more valuable to your employer

When you produce more valuable results you become an incredibl y important asset to your employer . By increasing your efficiency you can produce even twice as much as your colleagues, which leads us to point.

4. You get paid more

When you produce more than you r colleagues, if you ask for it, which makes you get paid more than your colleagues. If you produce twice as much you are worth twice as much to the company which should let you get paid twice as much.
I have seen many people increase their salary by large margins after learning proper time management .

5. You have time to think long term

Your best decisions and your highest motivation comes when you have clear goals and have the chance to make plans for their completion . When you free up time using time man agement you give yourself the chance to think about these larger questions .

6 . You aren’t as stressed

This is a god send gift .
For me reducing m y stress levels was the most important part of learning time management . I could spend more time on things I enjoyed and I wasn‘t constantl y bothered by m y to -do list .

7. You are happier

With reduced stress levels, more time off, a higher salary, clearer goals and plans and more job securit y, your life takes a turn for the better . You have a lot more reasons to be happy and your life has become a lot easier to manage.