TMS Access

Our Power Net systems are the most cost effective access control solutions in the industry. The patented combination of panel functionality and reader functionality are combined in the compact form factor of the Power Net Reader-Controller, which typically means significantly less hardware cost versus traditional panel-based systems. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities of the Power Net means no external power source or extra power wiring for the access control system itself or for the lock or other auxiliary devices. The Power Net is the greenest, most environmentally responsible access control system in the world, and the most cost effective to operate from a power usage perspective.

1. Hours worked

Time and attendance systems will accurately display the hours worked by your staff, so that you can make sure that you have the right number of employees in at all times, and you can arrange any cover you need.

2. Eliminate fraud

By ensuring that each employee clocks on and off, they won’t be able to clock on or off for their colleagues. The so called “buddy-punching” will be a thing of the past, so it will be clear to see which staff have worked overtime, and when.

3. Roll call

In the event of an emergency, finding out which employees are on site will take moments, by consulting the time and attendance system. Instead of having to rely on colleagues to recall whether they’ve seen others, the system will accurately and immediately inform those who need to know. Whilst perhaps less important to those in an office environment, factory workers, or people who work with hazardous substances, or machinery will greatly benefit.

4. Additional security

Time and attendance systems can help to provide additional security, as the software will be able to determine who tried to gain access, where and when. This can be important if employees are trying to get into the warehouse after hours or at weekends. If the premises are often targeted, then an appropriate time and attendance system can halt criminals in their tracks.

5. Traditional or modern

For some small companies, a clocking in machine will provide all the information they need. With just a handful of employees, tracking time and attendance will be easy by checking the cards. For larger companies, a much more comprehensive system offering more features will be appropriate.

6. Biometric

Biometric systems are becoming more popular for time and attendance. With facial and hand recognition technology constantly improving, these systems are more accurate and so provide better timekeeping and security. Ideal for employees who perhaps need to carry things, or will have dirty hands, as well as for accessing areas of importance or high value products or date, biometric time management can make keeping track of lots of employees much easier.

7. Computer Linked Time Recording

Using dedicated software combined with the time recording hardware, will also help to make time recording more accurate and useful. As new features are developed and released, the software can be updated quickly and easily.

8. Time reporting

Time management software makes analysing the information easy, so that it’s simple to ensure that there always enough staff on site, that lateness, holidays and unauthorised absences are clearly visible, and that any unusual patterns can be detected. Much more can be done with the reports, such as training requirement, and qualifications that are due to expire can be highlighted.