Process of Career Planning

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Process of Career Planning

Career Planning Process

The career planning process are involves the following steps:
1. Identifying individual needs and aspirations: Most individuals do not have a clear cut idea about their career aspirations, anchors and goals. The human resource professionals must, therefore, help an employee by providing as much information as possible showing what kind of work would suit the employee most, taking his skills, experience, and aptitude into
2. Analysing career opportunities: Once career needs and aspirations of employees are known, the organisation has to provide career paths for each position. Career paths show career progression possibilities clearly. They indicate the various positions that one could hold over a period of time if one is able to perform well.

career planning process

3. Aligning needs and opportunities: After employees have identified their needs and have realised the existence of career opportunities the remaining problem is one of alignment. This process consists of two steps: first, identify the potential of employees and then undertake career development programmes with a view to aligning employee needs and organisational
4. Action plans and periodic review: The matching process would uncover gaps. These need to be bridged through individual career development efforts and organisation supported efforts from time to time. After initiating these steps, it is necessary to review the whole thing every now and then.


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