Rightsizing the Enterprise

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Rightsizing the Enterprise

Today’s modern organisations have technologically advanced infrastructure and IT functions. It consumes vast resources with complex processes, relationships and agreements. Within most enterprises, they have the ability to grow in size, complexity and cost as the business expands, but struggle to transform or resize when conditions change or the business changes.
Rightsizing is about how to make those changes, to re-order the important and changing priorities of complex business delivery and get the most from limited resources. Often there are barriers to change, which come from practices, processes and existing or embedded culture.Image result for Rightsizing the Enterprise in hrm
To alleviate some of the anxiety caused by downsizing, the outsourcing/out -tasking industry moves on from traditional approach and developed a new concept called rightsizing. Many times, while performing an on -premises evaluation, the outsourcing provider found that the numbers of support personnel were at the same levels as they were when the total
company population used to be much higher. To make a logical manpower recommendation to a management committee reviewing outsourcing or out -tasking, outsource providers started to use ‘rightsizing’ as the term that best described the proposed reduction in support personnel numbers. This concept is gaining increasing acceptance among transforming the organisation. The benefit of outsourcing, out-tasking, and rightsizing is allowing an enterprise to do what it does best or to return to its core competency.
There are three steps in the rightsizing:
Phase 1: to identify potential candidates for change
Phase 2: to assess cost and making plan for changes
Phase 3: to implement and appraise the solutions


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