Concept of Recruitment

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Concept of Recruitment


Organisations have to recruit people with requisite skills, qualifications and experience if they have to survive and flourish in a highly competitive environment. While doing so, they have to be sensitive to economic, social, political and legal factors within a country. To be effective, they need to tap all available sources of supply, both internal and external. Internal promotions and transfers boost the morale of people who have served the firm loyalty for a number of years. External sources, too, need to be explored regularly to bring qualified people with lots of ideas into a firm.Concept of Recruitment

Concept of Recruitment

The human resources are the most important assets of an organisation. The success or failure of an organisation is largely dependent on the calibre of the people working therein. Without positive and creative contributions from people, organisations cannot progress and prosper. In order to achieve the goals or perform the activities of an organisation, therefore, we need to recruit people with requisite skills, qualifications and experience. While doing so, we have to keep the present as well as the future requirements of the organisation in mind.
  • Definition of Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of locating and encouraging potential applicants to apply for existing or anticipated job openings. It is actually a linking function, joining together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs. Recruitment, logically, aims at (i) attracting a large number of qualified applicants who are ready to take up the job if it’s offered and (ii) offering enough information for unqualified persons to self-select themselves out (for example, the recruitment ad of a foreign bank may invite applications from chartered accountants who have cleared the CA examination in the first attempt only).
Recruitment provides employees — the most productive of all resources – to an organisation. This has two important aspects: the first is to find out the number of vacancies to be notified and the type of applicants needed to fill them; the second is to appeal to potential applicants through novel advertising, to apply for such vacancies. Both the steps are, thus, closely related to the environment i.e. economic, social, technological and political in which the company operates. No organisation is likely to recruit successfully without taking care of these aspects.


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