Recruiting More Diverse Work Force

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Recruiting More Diverse Work Force

Recruiting diverse work force are complex and carry a lot of in-built pressures along with them. It would be erroneous to assume that the job requires the same set of skills in different locations. The local dynamics might be different, the cultural and social pressures might be too complex. For an expat to succeed, therefore, the recruitment process must be rigorous and must invariably include criteria such as:
1. General and technical criteria: Research findings consistently indicate that MNCs place heavy reliance on relevant technical skills during the expatriate selection process. In addition, the expatiate manager should be a good communicator, and possess management talent, maturity, emotional stability in ample measure.
2. Language skills: Most researchers argue that knowledge of the host-country’s language is an important factor affecting the performance of an expatriate. Where the expatriate is expected to communicate with host country subjects frequently, language skills come to occupy the centre-stage.
3. Cross-cultural suitability: Expatriate managers must be able to adapt to change. They must have the ability to translate their technical or managerial skills into meaningful action plans in a foreign environment. They should get along with local people easily without upsetting host country customs, traditions and other cultural niceties.
4. Motivation for a foreign assignment: The candidate for foreign assignment must believe in the importance of the job and possess a certain amount of idealism or a sense of mission. Applicants who are not happy with their current situation at home and are looking to get away, rarely succeed as overseas managers.
5. Family situation: Several items including the adaptability of spouse and family, spouse’s positive opinion, willingness of spouse to live abroad, stable marriage comprises this factor. This factor was found to be the most important of the above list, contributing to the expat’s success or failure on a foreign locale.


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