Sources of Recruitment

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Sources of Recruitment

Recruitment Sourcesrecruitment sources in hrm

The Recruitment Sources may be broadly divided into two categories: internal sources and external sources. Both have their own merits and demerits. Let’s examine these.

Internal Sources

Persons who are already working in an organisation constitute the ‘internal sources’. Retrenched employees, retired employees, dependents of deceased employees may also constitute the internal sources. Whenever any vacancy arises, someone from within the organisation is upgraded, transferred, promoted or even demoted.

External Sources

External sources lie outside an organisation. Here the organisation can have the services of:
(a) Employees working in other organisations;
(b) Job aspirants registered with employment exchanges;
(c) Students from reputed educational institutions;
(d) Candidates referred by unions, friends, relatives and existing employees;
(e) Candidates forwarded by search firms and contractors;
(f) Candidates responding to the advertisements, issued by the organisation; and (g) Unsolicited applications/ walk-ins.


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