Concept of Selection

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Concept of Selection

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Human resource planning identifies employment needs, job analysis determines the qualifications needed and recruiting provides a pool of applicants for selections. Selection is much more than just choosing the best candidate. It is an attempt to strike a happy balance between what the applicant can and wants to do and what the organisation requires. Various selections tools and techniques are used to find people with relevant qualifications who are willing to accept the job offer(s) and give satisfactory service and performance in the long run.

Concept of Selection

The size of the labour market, the image of a company, the place of posting, the nature of the job, the compensation package and a host of other factors influence the manner in which job aspirants are likely to respond to the recruiting efforts of a company. Through the process of recruitment, a company tries to locate prospective employees and encourages them to apply for vacancies at various levels. Recruiting, thus, provides a pool of applicants for selection.
To select means to choose. Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organisation. The basic purpose is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job, from the pool of qualified candidates. The purpose of selection is to pick up the most suitable candidate who would best meet the requirements of the job and the organisation. Effective selection, therefore, demands constant monitoring of the ‘fit’ between the person and the job.


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