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Flexible Job Environment

Workplace flexibility is once taken as an unconventional benefit solely for top -performing employees in large companies is finding new life. Managers across diverse industries are discovering the business benefits of implementing flexible work practices. In fact, one type of workplace flexibility -working from home through telecommuting -is growing in popularity. Telecommuting is just one of the myriad ways employers are incorporating workplace flexibility. Such practice in the corporate sector has created a flexible job environment, which is benefiting both the employer and the employee.
The main reason for implementing flexibility is to recruit new talent and to retain current employees. The flexible job environment enhances the productivity and commitment of employees.
A flexible job environment can allow employers and employees to work together to decide on working arrangements such as hours of work, work location and the way work is carried out. It involves thinking creatively about how working lives can be better structured to match individual and business needs.

Advantages of Flexible Job EnvironmentFlexible Job Environment

Working under flexible job environment can assist both the employer and the employee by assisting the way work is carried on. Creating a flexible workplace by introducing flexible work arrangements is good for business and has a number of advantages:
1. improving the ability of employers to attract skilled and motivated employees
2. creating greater staff loyalty and higher return on training investment
3. increased trust and respect
4. reduced stress levels and improved morale and commitment
5. reduced absenteeism and staff turnover
6. improved productivity
7. potential for improved occupational health and safety records.

Need of Flexible Job Environment

Flexible work arrangements can be useful if an employee:
1. has fluctuating periods of health
2. need to attend medical appointments on a regular basis
3. has responsibilities for the care of children or other relatives.
Flexible working arrangements may also help if you decide not to disclose information about a disability to your employer or co-workers.
Flexible job environment may have the flexibility in following arrangements:
1. flexible leave arrangements
2. make up time
3. part time work
4. job sharing
5. flexibility of location
6. working from home


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