5M’s of Advertising

5M’s of Advertising

5M Advertising

The organizations handle their advertising in different ways. In small companies, advertising is handled by someone in the sales or marketing department, who works with an ad agency. A large company will often set up its own advertising department or else hire an ad agency to do the job of preparing advertising programmes.
In developing a program, marketing managers must always start by identifying the target market and the buyer’s motives. Then they can make the five major decisions in developing an advertising program, known as the 5M Advertising, viz.
Mission: what are the advertising objectives?
Money: how much can be spent?
Message: what message can be sent?
Media: what media should be used
Measurement: how should the results is evaluated?
The above mentioned can be explained by the diagram given below


We will help you set measurable Motives. You can call them “goals” or “objectives.” It really doesn’t matter what you call them. We call them “motives.” This is the first step of 5M Advertising. It’s the whole reason you are marketing. During the phase, we help you decide your motives, why you’re marketing.
Most of our clients don’t even know what they are trying to accomplish. Let me ask you:
Why are you advertising and marketing?
What do you want us, your ad agency, to do for you?
What are your expectations?
What would you like us to help you accomplish?
What are your goals?
What are you trying to do?
What is your end result?
During this phase, the Mission, it will show you how to set realistic, attainable and measurable, internal motives.

5M Advertising


We will help you identify your most profitable markets. This is the second step of 5M Advertising. After we help you set the right motives, we will help you identify your markets. Thank goodness you only have three!
Customers: those people who have already given you money
Prospects: those people who know about you
Suspects: everyone in your trading area who could and should buy from you.
Marketing is like farming. You need to plant in all three market fields: customers, prospects and suspects.
During this phase, It will show you how to plant, cultivate and harvest bountiful profits from each market for long term, consistent profitability.


We will help you create persuasive Messages. This is the third step of 5M Advetising. After we have set measurable motives and identified your markets, we must create your messages. This is our speciality. This is the hardest, yet most important, step.
Your three markets are all asking the same question: “What’s in it for me?” We will show you how we create client-centered – not self-centered – marketing messages. Your markets want to know what they will receive from you. During this phase, it helps you come up with messages that make your target markets pick up the phone and call.


We will show you how to choose and use effective media. This is the fourth step of 5M Advertising.
After we have created your messages, it’s time to deliver your message to your three markets using the right media. It sounds simple and it kind of is if you remember there are really only two kinds of media: mass media and one-to-one media.
Mass media is media that reaches the masses – lots of people. Mass media includes newspapers, TV, radio, billboards, Internet, etc.
One-on-one media is media that talks to one person at a time. Examples are direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing, sales calls, etc.
During this Media phase, It will show you how to reach your markets effectively and efficiently using both types of media. Now let’s go on to the fifth M.


We will show you how to effectively measure what works and what doesn’t. This is the fifth step of 5M Advertising.
Here’s where all of the Ms come together. After selection of the right media to deliver your message to your markets in order to help you reach your mission, It must measure the results. You must know what’s working, what’s not and why. It will show you how to improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing and advertising campaign. It’s kind of like going full circle.
It makes sense, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, These Five-Ms make sense. And they’ll make you money. But few businesses actually use them together in harmony.


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