Meaning of Delegation

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Meaning of Delegation

Meaning of Delegation 

Delegation is probably the most important of all the skills a manager must possess. It is a process followed by managers for dividing his work, entrusting part of it to his subordinates and establishing the conditions that will enable him to hold them accountable for performance.
According to Louis A. Allen: “Delegation is the dynamics of management: It is the process a manager follows in dividing the work assigned to him so that he performs that part which only he, because of his unique organisational placement, can perform effectively, and so that he can get others to help him, with what remains. . .” If he wants to get others to help him, the manager must first divide his work. If he requires his subordinates to perform the work as he would do it himself, the manager must entrust him with part of the rights and powers he otherwise would have to exercise himself to get that work done. If the subordinate needs to spend money, hire people, use material or equipment, the manager must permit him to do so or the subordinate cannot perform the work. The manager must have some means of checking up, to make sure that the work is done the way he wishes.In short, delegation is the Instrumentफ of responsibility and authority to another and the creation of accountability for performance.