Relating Culture and Strategy

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Relating Culture and Strategy

Relating Culture And Strategy

We have seen that strategy and relating culture are interlinked; relating culture affects how a strategy may be implemented though it has. a role in strategy formulation too. Our emphasis here is to analyse how organisational culture can be made. a facilitating factor in ‘strategy implementation.In relating strategy and relating culture. strategists have four alternatives:
1. to ignore corporate culture;
2. to adapt’ strategy implementation to suit corporate culture;Relating Culture
3. to change corporate culture to suit strategic requirements; and
4. to change the’ strategy to ‘fit the corporate culture.
Each of these alternatives has different”’ implications for the total strategic management. Now let us see how a particular alternative is relevant.
· Strategists can simply ignore the corporate culture while implementing a strategy especially when it is not possible to change corporate culture. In fact. corporate culture is built over a period of time and. therefore. can not be changed overnight; cultural change is a slow process and is time consuming.Ignoring culture in strategic management is not a better alternative because it may be dysfunctional.
· Another alternative to the above is to change strategy implementation to suit corporate culture. Strategists may have flexibility in organisational design.-organizational systems and processes for strategy implementation. These variables can be manipulated to subserve the interests of ‘corporate culture. However. in such a case, each specific situation in the organisation calls for an innovative solution.
· The third alternative is to change the strategy itself if it does not fit with the corporate culture. However. changing strategy mid-way is- not a very desirable proposition. Therefore, corporate culture should -be considered as a determinant of strategic choice.
· The last alternative in relating strategy is to change corporate culture to suit strategic requirements. This is the optimum choice in the present prevailing Indian. a business environment which is becoming more and more competitive day-by-day necessitating change in old methods. In fact, many companies have failed simply because they were not able to adopt suitable strategies due to corporate cultural constraints. Though cultural change process is slow. an attempt can be made to change the culture. This transition may be brought by making strategic task explicit, enhancing the managerial capability to imbibe changes, arid exhibiting a strong and assertive leadership.)