Values and Strategy

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Values and Strategy

Values of individuals, particularly those of key strategists, have the major impact on the strategy of the organisation. While terminal values shape organisational strategies, instrumental values indicate how these strategies are to be implemented. Depending on the dominance of terminal values in strategists, these are means for organisational transformation. Let us see how this happens [ Values & strategy ]Values & Strategy

Values & Strategy Implementation

Strategy implementation is mostly affected by instrumental values of people in the organisation. However, when we say people, the question arises: who- are- these -people in the organisation? The answer -of -this question is significant – because that will determine the shape of. strategy implementation. From a strategic management point of view, people ill an organisation are divided into four groups board of directors chief executives, other managers, and corporate planning staff, as’ discussed in Chapter 3. Out of these groups, chief executive and managers under” him are mostly responsible for, strategy. implementation. However, values are held by individuals which are a part. of their personality. Therefore, it is quite likely that values of, different individuals do not match. [ Values & strategy ]
Though organisational culture represents the collectivity of personal values, ‘it is only representative and not all-inclusive.
Two – sets of the values-organisational and personal show following relationships ‘and reconciling; or modifying process:


Since an organisation -is a collectivity. -of people and organisational values represent the collective values of its members. there is some commonality between these two. These common values do not require any reconciliation or modification because both have already been integrated. [ Values & strategy ]

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a newly introduced ‘system for managing a company in the best interest of all its stakeholders – though, in the ‘context of state administration, the concept of governance is quite old. where it is referred to as the system of directing and controlling the activities of a state particularly in princely states and empires. We may find the concept of state governance even in the writings of Kautilya. [ Values & strategy ]