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Benchmarking is a systematic method by which organisations can measure themselves against the best industry practices. It promotes superior performance by providing an organised framework through which organisations learn how the “best in class” do things, understand how these best practices differ from their own and implement change to close the gap. The essence of benchmarking is the process of borrowing ideas and adapting them to gain competitive advantage. It is a tool for continuous improvement. [ Benchmarking Introduction ]
Benchmarking is an increasingly popular tool. It is used extensively by both manufacturing and service organisations, including Xerox, AT&T, Motorola, Ford and Toyota. Benchmarking is a common element of quality standards, such as Chrysler, Ford and General Motors Quality Systems Requirements. These standards stipulate that quality goals an objective be based on competitive products and Baldrige National Quality Award similarly requires that applicants benchmark external organisations. [ Benchmarking Introduction ]