Benefits of Forming Quality Circles

Total Quality Management

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Benefits of Forming Quality Circles

Benefits of Forming Quality Circles

The Benefits of Forming Quality Circles gained through QC activities are as follows:Image result for Benefits of Forming Quality Circles in tqm
Increase in quality consciousness of employees
Development of an attitude of problem prevention
Promotion of employee motivation
Improvement in the human relations
More effective company communication
More active job involvement
Utilisation of employee problem-solving capabilities
Contribution to personal development of employees
Encouragement of teamwork
Improvement of work environment
Development of safety awareness
Control and improvement of quality
Productivity improvement
Increased job security
QC activities are voluntarily carried out as part of the company-wide quality control.
It took more than two decades for the quality control concept to get acceptance in India after its introduction in Japan. This may be due to the differences in the industrial context in the two countries. Japan needed it for its survival in a competitive market. India had a reasonably protected, seller’s market, with consequent lethargy toward efforts to improve quality and productivity. However, with the policy of liberalisation of economy and privatisation of infrastructure development, contexts changed. The concept now needs to be looked upon as a necessity.
The aim of quality circles is to inculcate effective team dynamics through communication, trust, shared vision, commitment, involvement, empowerment and learning culture among the staff.
• Team Work: It helps to eradicate inter-team conflicts and clashes and enhance the concept of team spirit.
• Positive Attitude: Employees start working with a positive attitude towards work, assuming it as their own work. They develop a “Can Do” and “I care” attitude.
• Personality advancement: Quality circle practice helps to learn new skills and also brings out the hidden potential of employees.
• Positive working environment: It improves the organizational working environment and involves employees in every process, right from a small decision to a big deal.
• Increased productivity: It helps in increasing overall productivity of organization by improvement of work processes and reduction of excessive costs. They increase operational efficiency, improve quality, and promote innovation.