Master Black Belts

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Master Black Belts

This is the highest level of technical and organisational proficiency. Master black belts provide technical leadership of the six sigma program. Thus, they must know everything the black belts know, as well as understand the mathematical theory on which the statistical methods are based. Master black belts must be able to assist black belts in applying the methods correctly in unusual situations. Whenever possible, statistical training should be conducted only by master black belts. Otherwise, the familiar “propagation of error” phenomenon will occur, i.e. black belts pass on errors to green belts, who pass on greater errors to team members. If it becomes necessary for black belts and green belts to provide training, they should do so only under the guidance of master black belts. For example, black belts may be asked to provide assistance to the master during class discussions and exercises. Because of the nature of the master’s duties, communications and teaching skills are as important as technical competence.
Master Black Belts are experts responsible for the strategic deployment of Six Sigma within an organisation. They promote and support improvement activities in all business areas of their organisation as well as at suppliers and customers.
Their main responsibilities include:
1.Providing mentoring and support to Black Belts, Green Belts and Six Sigma teams to use the improvement tools appropriate to a specific problem.
2.Helping to develop and deploy organisational metrics and dashboards.
3.Developing, maintaining and revising the Six Sigma curriculum, delivering classroom training, and serving as liaison with external agencies in the delivery of Six Sigma training.
4.Networking with other Master Black Belts.

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