Total Quality Management

Tools and Techniques-Pareto and Process Flow Diagram

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Quality Field

Quality Field

While the research domain associated with “quality” is continually evolving, an emerging consensus includes universal concepts such as:Image result for Quality Field in tqm

Continuous Improvement and Learning: Quality Field

Continuous improvement and learning refer to both incremental and “breakthrough” improvement. It applies to both the individual and organisational levels. Improvement and learning can be directed toward better products and services, better processes and to being more responsive, adaptive and efficient.

Involvement of People: Quality Field

Whether in healthcare, business, education, research, or any other endeavour, quality improvement relies on individuals and teams to carry it out. Organisations depend increasingly on the knowledge, skills, innovation and motivation of their employees. Their contributions should be integrated and aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

Decisions Based on Facts: Quality Field

Improvement within organisations relies upon using data and information to support evaluation and decision-making. Trends, projections, cause-and-effect etc. may not be evident without analysis.

Systems Approach

The most important problems of a business, an enterprise and society have systemic, deeply rooted and multiple causes. The coherence of understanding requires a systems view. All elements of that system should be aligned in the same direction to achieve true breakthroughs in quality.