Typical Measurement

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Typical Measurement

Typical Measurement

What should be measured is frequently asked by managers and teams. The information below suggests some items that can be measured.

Human Resource ( Typical Measurement )Typical Measurement

Lost time due to accidents
Employee satisfaction index
Number of suggestions for improvement
Number of suggestions implemented
Number of training hours per employee
Training cost per employee
Number of active teams
Number of grievances

Customers ( Typical Measurement )

Number of complaints
Number of on-time deliveries
Warranty data such as parts replacement
Customer satisfaction index
Time to resolve complaints
Telephone data such as response time
Mean time to repair
Dealer satisfaction
Report card

Production ( Typical Measurement )

Inventory turns
SPC charts
Amount of scrap/rework
Nonconformities per million units
Software errors per 1000 lines of code
Percent of flights that arrive on time
Process yield
Machine downtime
Actual performance to goal
Number of products returned
Cost per unit

Research and Development ( Typical Measurement )

New product time to market
Design change orders
R&D spending to sales
Average time to process proposal
Recall data
Cost estimating errors


SPC charts
On-time delivery
Service rating
Quality performance
Billing accuracy
Average lead time
Percent of suppliers that are error free
Just-in-time delivery target