How to use the concept?

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How to use the concept?

In using the quality circles concept there are three main parts to go through. The steps are identifying, analysing and solving quality-related issues. After the quality circle is set up the next step would be to train the group. The training is to make sure all the voluntaries understand the order and meaning of the steps and how to go through them.
Following training is the first real step in the Quality circle process-problem identifying. At this step, the members of the group are free to brainstorm about the problems they face in the workplace. Within this brainstorming session, there are no bad ideas. After the members have some up with everything they can think of they go through the list and analyse each problem individually.Image result for How to use the concept in Quality Circle of TQM?
This step of problem analysis is to look closer at one problem at a time and having everyone’s input on how to solve it. This step involves opinions from the members and research. The opinions are important because the members of this group are the ones who are faced with the problems at hand. The research can help to show the member what the result or effect will be with the way they may choose to solve a problem. After they are done with the analysis and come up with the solution they have entered the next step.
The last step in quality circles is the solution. The members prepare how they intend to solve the problem that was first presented in the brainstorming. The solution is explained in how it works and what the solution results should be. Those results are then showed to the managers and group as a whole in a presentation type of meeting. The three steps of identifying, analysing and solving are all very important in completing the process of a quality circle.