Larger Effects on the Society

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Larger Effects on the Society

Value Formation

Advertisements responsible for molding society, material wants. The ads displaying scantily clad female models commoditize women. And the deluge of ads that increase ones propensity of  consumption makes one feel that possessing a certain commodity is essential to show that one belongs to the higher echelon of the society.

Media Content

Information content of ads; the ads that suggest the use of preserved food items without a slightest mention of the fact that many of these preservatives have been proved to have carcinogenic effect.

Use of Deception

The ads of brands that conceal their negative aspects. The ads of cosmetics that say nothing about the long-term effects of regular usage of their products; the ads of the educational institution that wrongly claim to give 100 percent placement to its students are examples of this type.

Advertising Targeting Children and Adolescents

The ads that target the vulnerability of the children and adolescents create role models whom the kids are expected to emulate and, thus, shape their dreams and aspirations in an unbecoming way.