Few Memorable TVC (International) Storyboard

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Forms of TV Commercials

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

At the beginning of the commercial, a twenty-something looking guy leaves his house just before dawn. We see his friends all sitting on steps, waiting for the sunrise and putting on Ray-Ban Sunglasses. The guy finally joins his friends and he starts looking for his sunglasses, but he can’t find them. The sun comes up and the guy vaporizes. One friend says “Somebody forget his Ray-Ban Sunglasses?” then he laughs and we find out they’re all vampires.

Nike Air Jordan

The first 3 Air Jordans ever made. This first one was made in 1985. Michael Jordan is shown, bouncing a basketball, then the camera slowly goes down to his body until it stops to his feet, which was worn by the most controversial Black/Red Jordans that was banned in 1985. When the camera showed the shoes, 2 censored plates were on each foot and the announcer said, “Banned”. This next one was made in 1986. Michael is on a playground playing basketball with nobody but himself and did a sweet crossover and did the everfamous Jumpman dunk, spreading his legs like he was doing the split, then dunked the ball. Then the “Air Jordan” symbol was shown, but it was the Winged Basketball design in red and is not the Jumpman. This last one was also in 1986. Michael’s yet again in the playground, just standing there. The stewardess says, “Welcome aboard to Flight 23. Please buckle your seatbelt, stay remaining in your seats and estinguish any smoking items.” Michael then turns around and winks at you with a smile, the camera goes to his feet, there are engine sounds from the airplane. Then Jordan starts running. As he runs, smoke are coming out of his shoes, then shows the Winged Basketball sign while the announcer says, Basketball. By Nike.”