Selecting the Software

Selecting the Software

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  1. Datatex Software

Datatex has been designing, developing, and implementing solutions exclusively for the textile and apparel industry since 1987. Dedication is the key to the Datatex development strategy. Specialization is the foundation of service to its customers. Datatex technological know-how and application skills have resulted in the worldwide success of TIM Textile Integrated Manufacturing – an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed for textile manufacturers of all sizes, whether vertically integrated, or specializing in just one stage of the manufacturing chain.

CATS is capable of:

• Providing a graphical user interface for inspection and cutting operators workstations, including connection to length counter
• Previous inspection performed for this roll or piece is simultaneously displayed on a graphical bar, just below the graphic bar of the actual inspection
• Coding defects, including length defects, keeping both length and width co-ordinates and denoting severity
• Ranking defects through user-defined parameters, including a points system
• Automatic calculation of quality level based on defect count or points. The quality level is constantly displayed on the graphic bar in real-time, changing color as one level is changed to another
• Producing reports of defect types, quantities downgraded per shift, per loom, etc.
• Multiple evaluation methods with different value grids
• Optimizing roll cutting
• Creating piece labels and tags
• Automatic uploading of inspected rolls/pieces into inventory
• Initializing re-inspection activities
• Interfacing with electronic weight checking systems
• Management of narrow width splitting after inspection
• Optimization of the joining of small rolls within a batch