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Address the senses

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Create a sensual experience in your store by paying attention not only to sight, but also to smell, touch and sound. Think of how magical a bakery smells. Doesn’t it make you want to buy? Remember how many times you’ve walked into the movie theater, promising yourself there would be no popcorn this time, only to find yourself elbows deep in a super-sized bucket? Pay attention to how your store smells. You can trigger emotional responses in customers that cause them to relax, energize, reminisce, and (hopefully) buy something. Music is an essential element in any store. It helps accentuate and build your atmosphere. It can also add texture to the environment. Customers tend to stay longer in environments with appropriate music … and if they stay longer, they typically buy more. A relaxed and fun work place will also increase the productivity and morale levels of your employees. Be sure that the music you choose fits the store and the customers. Stores attracting teens should play the lively music of the day. Nature-oriented retailers should use natural, soothing sounds blended with classical themes. As in all things, do it right. Avoid the radio station, since commercials and newsbreaks don’t help at all. Compact disc systems are inexpensive and allow the music to play continuously without the risk of sudden silence. Digital music services are the best option.