Housekeeping standards

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Housekeeping standards

Housekeeping Standards

Your store’s housekeeping must be impeccable. When we say impeccable, we mean flawless. A dirty store says you don’t care. It says you’ve lost interest and you probably don’t treat the merchandise with respect, either. It’s tough enough to win over customers without adding to the difficulty by presenting a less than a spotless store. Create a daily and weekly checklist of every housekeeping duty that must be completed. Assign these duties to various individuals and hold them accountable for getting them done. Polish the chrome. Dust the shelves. Clean the lights. Get rid of the tape on the windows. Remove the clutter behind the cash counter. Tidy up the back room. Chase those dust bunnies away. Vacuum daily. No smudges. No grease. No dust. No grime.

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