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Retail is a challenging business but the pressures of today’s economic conditions are resulting in even more selective consumer shopping and spending. That’s why it’s important to have flexible tools that allow retailers to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands.
For store operations, For example; Intermec’s adaptable mobile computers, printers and RFID systems help enable an effective demand/supply chain, improve employee performance and provide a differentiated customer experience. Intermec’s products are known for their ruggedness, giving retailers the assurance that they can depend upon these critical systems and that they will last for years, giving retailers the best return on their investment.
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Using Intermec mobile handheld computers, printers and partner applications, sales associates and store managers will have the adaptable tools they need, on the store floor, to provide the highest level of service to customers. Another example is CK3 mobile computers which are used in a wide range of store operation applications allowing workers to perform line busting/mobile point of sale, snappy barcode scanning, on-demand label printing, and in-store notification and communication.
Mobile point of sale and line busting provide the ability to make sure that the last impression a customer has when leaving a retailer’s store is a positive one. Mobile systems enable store employees to provide the best level of service to customers, on the store floor. Store associates can quickly look up detailed product information, locate inventory in other stores or distribution centers, and finalise customer orders on the store floor. By adding portable Bluetooth-enabled printers, line busting and mobile POS solutions can be used to address peaks in traffic to speed up the checkout process, eliminating long lines at the POS.
Getting the product on the shelf quickly is critical for servicing customers. With the CK3, snappy scanning can be performed to scan hard to read (damaged) and advanced bar codes, like stacked GS1 Database. By adding a mobile printer, workers can check shelf label accuracy and print new labels on demand, ensuring that the pricing on the shelf matches the POS.
Reliable, immediate voice communication is critical to retail operations. Intermec’s CK3 mobile computers with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allow voice conversations over the wireless network. Whether stocking shelves in the backroom or helping a customer on the retail floor, VoIP improves service and response times.
Store Operations applications includes the following:
• Inventory Management
• Price Management
• Markdowns
• Order Picking and Staging
• Put away
• Replenishment
• Store Transfers
• Guided Selling
• Computer Assisted Ordering
• Employee Training
• Walkie-talkie / Voice / VoIP / Push to Talk
• Task Execution
• Managers Workstation (Task Management)
• Mobile POS with PCI Compliance
• Line / Queue Busting
• Receiving
• Returns
• Stock Management
• Competitive Shopper
• Consumer Shopper
• Gift Registry
• Security Monitoring – Video
Having a successful vision and strategy for your retail business are critical but not enough to tilt the odds fully in favor of success. TNS Retail Forward is an example of store operations which works with retailers to clarify and operationalize the strategies they need to realize their growth objectives.
Retailers that focus on creating a consistently positive shopping experience across all of their stores can reap the benefits of customer loyalty, according to a consumer habits survey commissioned by Store Perform Technologies and conducted by Harris
Interactive. A retailer’s successful execution of critical in-store operations and initiatives is more important to creating customer loyalty than providing discounts and promotions.
TNS Retail Forward works with retailers in all channels who are facing a variety of operational challenges. The process improvements have resulted in increased sales and reduced operating expenses for our clients.
The skill-set for retail store operations includes:
• Operational assessment
• Implementation of customized Best Practices
• Customer service measurement and improvement
• Conversion rate assessment and improvement
• Analytics/metrics/benchmarking
• Labor management and scheduling solutions
• Workload / task balancing
• Functional schedules
• Procedural documentation
• Chain-wide rollout programs
TNS Retail Forward’s experts in store operations can provide assistance with your store vision and strategy, organization, operating metrics, coordination with upstream activities, service environment and functional operation.