Locating Departments within the store

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Locating Departments within the store

Locating Departments within the store

The value of a space varies by location within the retail store. The best locations are on the main floor near the entrances and escalators, as they are the highest traffic areas. In a multi-level department store, the value of space decreases from the second to the third floor, since customers are less likely to go up another flight. Within a level, the best locations are near the main aisles. Floor space that is located on the right of an entrance is most attractive. The major factors that help a retailer in deciding about the location of departments within a store can be summed up as under: – Amount of space needed-Amount of inventory needs to be displayed. The type of merchandise- Profitability of the department. The amount of space needed and the amount of inventory to be displayed are both adjust- able numbers for most retailers but within limits. The retailers know that certain merchandise requires specific fixtures or will need to be displayed in a certain fashion. This will put a lower limit on the space to be allocated. Departments requiring excessive space are often displayed in the back of the store, e.g. office furniture is often placed in the back of the office supply store since it requires so much space. To relegate the smaller departments to the back of the store would result in them possibly being overlooked, consumers. Presenting your store is a very strategic part of your business. You need to have a reason for positioning every item in your store beyond the usual… “It was the only place left available so that’s where it ended up.

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